Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. In all these cities, there is less and less space for nature. And that’s bad news…

Climate change is making summers hotter and drier, winters wetter, and rainstorms more intense. Concrete and asphalt retain heat, while water runs off. Additionally, biodiversity is declining, disrupting the natural balance.

The consequences for humans are also disastrous. We need nature to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Nature provides oxygen, helps us relax, and connects us with each other. A green environment is often seen as a luxury, but it’s not.

It’s a basic right.

At Blooming Buildings, we see it as our mission to bring the magic of nature back to the city, making urban areas livable again. By greening existing buildings inside and out with expert knowledge, we make our cities more beautiful and climate-resilient, boost biodiversity, and strengthen social bonds. This ensures that people become healthier and happier, and we add real value to urban areas.

To ensure that future generations can live and work in livable cities, it is imperative to start greening today. Fortunately, we are here. And we have good news… We can make this happen.

Read below the image to learn how we do it.

Reguliersdwarsstraat vergroend met gevelgroen en geveltuinen door Blooming Buildings

How do we bring this into practice

Sometime in 2015, it became clear to us: the world is rapidly becoming urbanized. To keep urban areas livable, it is crucial to introduce more greenery. Our first initiative was the Reguliersdwarsstraat area in Amsterdam. Various climbing plants and facade borders increased visual appeal, biodiversity, and social cohesion, resulting in higher foot traffic and increased revenue for businesses, as well as a more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

Since then, Blooming Buildings has completed dozens of projects, transforming many commercial buildings, monuments, and public spaces into lush oases. A diverse and balanced team of designers, asset managers, project leaders, and caretakers strives to make a positive impact with a deep love and knowledge of the plant world.

We develop, implement, and maintain distinctive, biodiverse planting for buildings and areas. Our aim is to lead in possibilities and quality. This is how we create value: Aesthetic, Ecological, Social, and Financial value. We offer excellent visual quality year-round, contribute to biodiversity and climate adaptation, improve living and working conditions, and translate these benefits into concrete financial value, such as increased property value or reduced vacancy rates.

We also strive to educate visitors on the value of the biodiversity and plants, often by asking them to participate in spotting biodiversity or by personal education and advice from our maintenance team. In addition, we advocate for biodiversity and urban green via our networks and trade associations.

This is how we work towards livable, future-proof cities and buildings: Blooming Buildings. Making Urban Nature Happen!