The consequences of urbanization for nature


More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and these cities are only getting larger. The consequence: nature is disappearing. Now that summers are getting hotter and drier, winters wetter, and rain showers more intense, it takes a toll. Among the stones, concrete, and asphalt, heat stress is greater; when it rains heavily, the water has nowhere to go, and after a long dry period, storms can cause trees to fall more easily. Moreover, biodiversity disappears in a stony environment. Insects stay away, causing birds and small mammals to vanish, disrupting the ecology.

The awareness that we, as a society and businesses, need to take serious action is growing rapidly. Legislation is helping to accelerate this movement, creating many opportunities. To make as much and as fast a positive impact as possible, Blooming Buildings specifically focuses on greening buildings (inside and out) in urban areas. We do this by literally replacing or supplementing gray stones with ‘Good Green.’ In other words, sustainable planting, highly diverse and of high quality, planted in healthy soil with year-round blooming.


Urban Greening Pays for Itself


Urban greening gives the stony world a more beautiful appearance, makes people happier, and helps solve climate problems. It fits well into an ESG (environment, social, and governance) strategy. Greening both inside and outside contributes to meeting the standards of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). Besides, greening has direct positive financial consequences for real estate, shops, and offices. Scroll down to read more about these values, after the social and ecological values of green.

Social and ecological value of plants

We don’t just make the city more sustainable, we do much more

At Blooming Buildings, we see nature as a kind of magic wand that makes everything grow.

  • Urban Greening Makes Everything Grow: Nature has something magical. And it’s precisely this magic we use to make buildings and urban areas more sustainable. When done well, it brings much more.

  • Biodiversity Increases: We ensure an extraordinarily large variety of flowers, plants, and shrubs. Insects return almost immediately, attracting birds, and also small animals such as hedgehogs and toads.

  • Climate Adaptation Increases: Greening helps against heat stress, purifies the air, and improves water management. Hot days feel significantly less hot, and heavy rainstorms cause much less waterlogging.

  • Social Cohesion Grows: Greening makes buildings look much nicer. This is not only pleasant for individuals but also for the community. Green areas stimulate social interaction and make people care more about their environment.

  • People Live Healthier Lives: A green environment has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of the population. Nature purifies the air and provides relaxation. Greening helps you unwind and create a bit of space in the daily hustle and bustle.

Thus, a more sustainable environment contributes to increased livability and thereby to the happiness of the people who live and work there. More nature adds substantial value to existing buildings and urban areas, which also pays off financially.

Economic value of green- not unlike solar panels

Property Values Increase and Vacancy Decreases

Homes near parks are valued 20% higher. Office buildings with high-quality planting nearby have rental rates that are about 7% higher.

Climate-Adaptive Green Saves Costs

By greening facades and roofs, buildings gain natural insulation, making them cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This saves energy costs and promotes sustainability. Additionally, it prevents waterlogging during heavy rainstorms.


Green Shopping Areas Attract Visitors

Visitors stay longer, return more often, and spend more money, especially in summer when people seek out cool areas. Interested in Green Buildings and wish to read more about what natural green can do for your property or real estate portfolio, read this article about BREEAM, WELL and the benefits of truly green buildings.

Benefits for Employers

A green working environment positively impacts recruiting and retaining staff. It enhances creativity and productivity among employees, who also experience less stress. The result: less absenteeism. A more sustainable environment brings many benefits.

Want to Know More? Come Have a Coffee!

The value that urban greening can add is undeniable, both for sustainable and financial purposes. Are you an Asset Manager, Facility Manager, HR Manager, Impact Manager, or Sustainability Manager? Or do you manage a real estate portfolio or a hospital? And would you like to take steps with natural planting in and around your facility? Get inspired by our projects or contact us directly. Olivia (Green Developer) would love to tell you much more.

NB: At Blooming Buildings, our attention to sustainability is not only in our projects. Internally, our vision translates into sustainable business operations, with an expected B Corp status in 2024 (certification is pending). You can read all about our sustainable business approach here.
  • Fast result: your environment and employees will instantly be happier
  • Natural green is an essential part of your ESG – strategy
  • Blooming Buildings can deliver you a biodiverse urban green oasis from concept to maintenance