Blooming vision: Making Urban Nature Happen

Blooming Buildings enhances the world’s beauty and people’s well-being by greening buildings. Because green provides oxygen. Retains water. Brings coolness in the heat. More green boosts biodiversity, reduces CO2 emissions, and lowers energy costs.

It also positively influences the people using a space: more natural green makes you happier, energized, and enhances productivity. Adding biodiverse, natural plants to your premises can contribute to your CSR or ESG agenda and CSRD initiatives, truly adding value to real estate. Aesthetic, economic, environmental, and social value. Curious for what good green can do for your organization? Explore our portfolio or contact us for a no-obligation introduction.

We don’t have green thumbs, we have black thumbs and green brains.” Harry, the man behind our landscaping.
  • Benefits Climate Action
  • Benefits People’s Health and Wellbeing
  • Benefits Business

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Our approach: a robust process

We collaborate with you to define or refine the project objectives. This process incorporates investigating the desires and needs of employees, residents, and tenants if required. This enables us to deliver top-tier planting solutions that create value for all parties involved: aesthetic, ecological, social and financial value. In a customized design, we select the natural plantation, paying close attention to user experience. We take full control of the actual green space build, leaving you to only have to look forward the end result. Finally, we maintain the green oasis we created for you on a weekly base, with limited disruption to your business. Please click through to our services page to read about our process in full detail

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