A sustainable investment

Company premises are often characterized by concrete, bricks and pavement. Due to climate change, they frequently face issues like waterlogging and heat stress and the lack of greenery makes them appear unattractive. Blooming Buildings transforms your business premises with strategic greening. Beyond cooling the environment and bolstering resilience to climate challenges, well-planned vegetation enhances aesthetics and adds value. This sustainable investment can elevate property (rental) value by up to 30%. Greening industrial sites proves to be a profitable and sustainable investment, delivering long-term benefits for owners and tenants alike.

Explore diverse greening options like vertical greenery, facade gardens, green terraces, and rooftop gardens. We’re keen on optimizing outdoor spaces to benefit employees and visitors through creating a space that encourages walks, outdoor lunches and meetings, and perhaps even some relaxation with games.

For a quick and impactful change that is often easy to implement, consider vertical greenery (nature facades or green walls). Our exclusive use of resilient climbing plants, planted directly in the ground, ensures durability in extreme weather. Experience an immediate, cost-effective transformation, blending greenery seamlessly with architecture for an engaging outcome. Curious about the opportunities for your business premises? Contact us for an introduction.

Click the projects above to see examples of our green outdoor space projects, such as monumental buildings Inktpot for Prorail in Utrecht, Maaskantpark at Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam or the Baxter Building in Amsterdam.

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