Baxter Building

Green borders, terraces and gardens

Client Baxter Building
Location Amsterdam
Realised in 2018
Activities Consulting

About the project

Situated on Muiderstraat, the Baxter Building is a multi-company structure aiming to foster a vibrant community of tenants. The building’s owners recognized the need to enhance its exterior appearance, as it was perceived as 'cold' despite the meticulous interior design. Leveraging the corner location, we identified a compelling opportunity to install an expansive XL façade border spanning over 100m2, seamlessly integrating with the building’s style. In collaboration with the local municipality, this endeavor became the inaugural project of the Knowledge Mile Park, marking a significant milestone. The facade border boasts an impressive selection of over 180 plant species, serving as a catalyst for biodiversity and climate resilience. Furthermore, we thoughtfully designed an inner garden, incorporated distinctive interior plants, and created a delightful roof garden. The impact of these green spaces extends beyond the building’s occupants, captivating the admiration of passers-by and residents alike. With its ever-changing spectacle throughout the year, the planted areas contribute to the building’s allure, making it an appealing place to work and a delightful sigh for those strolling by. This transformative addition has truly become a cherished gem in the neighborhood, benefiting both humans and animals alike.