Interior Landscaping and Project Landscaping

Dille & Kamille

ClientDille & Kamille
SpecialitiesInterior Landscaping and Project Landscaping
Realised on2022

About the project

Dille & Kamille, a retail chain and B corporation, is committed to making a positive and sustainable impact. When their head office moved to the Oude Gracht in Utrecht, they embarked on a comprehensive renovation project of the monumental building that embraced sustainable principles. Blooming Buildings was involved at an early stage to advise on the incorporation of plants to create an inspiring and healthy working environment. Working closely with the construction office manager and Dille & Kamille’s design team, Blooming Buildings developed an integrated planting design that aligned with the Green Building Manual and compliments the building’s unique character of the building. Through ongoing management and care, a flourishing green workplace has been cultivated.