Our vision

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities; the pressure on cities is increasing extraordinarily. The highly petrified and depersonalized environment adversely affects human well-being. Nature and high-quality planting work as a green transforming ‘magic wand’ for the living environment and the direct well-being and health of residents. In addition, cities have to deal with environmental problems such as air quality and noise pollution, and they experience increasing heat stress and flooding due to climate change. The shortest blow to overcome these problems is the large-scale and high-quality use of planting.

How do we put this into practice?

We develop, realize and manage distinctive planting for buildings and areas. With this we want to be a leader in possibilities and quality. We ensure that people experience better living and working conditions and contribute to biodiversity and climate adaptation. For each project, we translate this into concrete financial added value.

This is how we work concretely on future-proof cities and buildings: We Make Urban Nature Happen!