Green plants as part of healing environment Radboudumc

Good, natural planting is an essential part of a healing environment

Radboudumc hospital faced the challenge of making the entrance more attractive and part of a healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff. The broad goal was to revitalize the hospital’s plant borders with “good green.” Together, we strive for a beneficial, healing environment for patients and staff.

Good, diverse planting as part of a Healing Environment

A green living and working space contributes to healing. It is scientifically proven that a plant-rich environment promotes the mental health of patients by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Studies also show that hospital patients with a view of greenery from their windows generally experience a shorter hospital stay.

Our planting designs consist of hundreds of different plant species, allowing these new plant borders to be in bloom 365 days a year. This varied selection of plants creates a surprising, healing entrance for those who find it difficult to visit the hospital or have just received bad news. This direct contact with nature cheers people up and radiates tranquility.

We look forward to sharing the benefits of greenery with more hospitals and creating healing spaces for everyone – please reach out if you would like to know what the options are for your healing space.