Public Space; Outdoor Premises, Outdoor spaces and Buildings

Gemeente Amsterdam

ClientGemeente Amsterdam
SpecialitiesPublic Space; Outdoor Premises, Outdoor spaces and Buildings
Realised on2019

About the project

Situated on the bustling Weesperstraat in Amsterdam, the municipal office building underwent a transformation to create a greener inner garden with a focus on climate adaptation. The project aimed to convert a former parking lot into a vibrant and environmentally friendly space. The task presented a unique challenge as a significant potion of the garden was situated on the roof of the underground parking garage.To achieve the desired outcome. We removed the asphalt and implemented natural semi-paving techniques. Additionally, borders and a series of bins were installed. The garden was adorned with walls of climbing plants and flowering vegetation, carefully selected to create a captivating color scheme that softens the building’s hard stone facade. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the greenery serves practical purposes such as rainwater collection and attracts birds and insects. The 'Weesperwoud', as it is affectionately known, has been designed as a green oasis. It offers ample seating options for individuals to work or simply enjoy the serene environment. A water feature adds an element of tranquility to the garden, creating a soothing ambiance for all who visit.