Interior Planting and Landscaping and Project Landscaping

Lab Digital

ClientLab Digital
SpecialitiesInterior Planting and Landscaping and Project Landscaping
Realised on2021

About the project

In collaboration with this leading tech company specializing in digital solutions, our objective was to create a unique green working environment that would provide employees with a refreshing connection to nature, countering the extensive use of screens. A mission resonating deeply with us, we actively contributed ideas on how to effectively integrate attractive and structurally sound planting and material choices within the project, while also keeping costs manageable. At the entrance, a captivating jungle garden sets a natural and inviting tone. Green walls adorned with custom-designed climbing structures and carefully selected containers filled with distinctive plant species contribute to a characterful green office space. With a growing demand for talent in a competitive job market, the distinctive greenery not only enhances employee retention but also serves as a powerful tool to attract new talent. Furthermore, an employee survey revealed that the presence of greenery ranked among the top reasons for employees choosing to return to the office post-coronavirus.