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ProRail Inktpot Utrecht

ClientProRail Inktpot Utrecht
SpecialitiesCompany Premises, Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
Realised on2021

About the project

ProRail, as the railway manager responsible for land and station buildings across the Netherlands, is a leading figure in (re)development and holds strong sustainability ambitions. Together, we have prioritized the integration of planting as a crucial element, serving as a catalyst for biodiversity, climate adaptation, and the creation of pleasant environments. One of the pilot projects took place in the courtyard garden of ProRail’s head office, located in the historic national monument, De Inktpot, in Utrecht. The design harmonizes seamlessly with the architecture of the iconic 1921 building, incorporating complementary colours, materials, and the strategic placement of plants on the buttresses to accentuate its height. Overcoming the challenge of deep shade, we carefully selected plants and implemented appropriate soil and quality management techniques. The courtyard has become a wonderfully diverse testing ground for designers, project managers, and other stakeholders involved in the project.