Green hospitals

Client Radboudumc
Location Nijmegen
Realised in 2019
Activities Consulting

About the project

We strongly believe in the immense value of green spaces within hospitals. Extensive research demonstrates that green environments contribute significantly to a healing atmosphere, accelerating the recovery process for patients and alleviating feelings of fear and pain. Moreover, it creates a nurturing working environment for medical staff. Our collaboration with Radboudumc is a source of great pride for us. The once barren outdoor environment has been wonderfully transformed into an appealing green space, enriched with a diverse array of climbing plants. In addition to planting in the open ground, we have incorporated containers filled with blooming plants along the facades. This not only enhances biodiversity but also allows for a delightful experience of each season. Previously functional entrance areas have been redesigned to create pleasant outdoor spaces that are highly appreciated by both patients and medical staff.