The Commercial Benefits of Climate-Adaptive Planting

May 2024 went down in history as the wettest month ever since the KNMI began measuring in 1906. April was almost as wet. For a long time, it seemed that June was also trying to set a record. Until the sun broke through, and the temperature hovered around thirty degrees for a few days. Welcome to the era of climate fluctuations.

The heavy rainfall of recent months has led to numerous problems. Streets were flooded, basements filled up, and parking garages were submerged. Additionally, prolonged periods of heat and drought cause health issues for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and infants. Moreover, social interactions decrease due to heat stress, and people become less productive.

If you do nothing now, you’ll regret it later

Especially in urban areas, where brick, asphalt, and concrete dominate, climate change has direct consequences for property value. Future climate damage can bring significant repair costs. As a result, it is also becoming increasingly expensive to insure buildings in risk zones. In short, if you do nothing now, it will cost you later.

To minimize or even prevent climate risks, it’s crucial to make vulnerable areas less vulnerable and take climate-adaptive measures. The simplest way is through strategically implemented planting. With planting as a nature-based solution, you ensure that heavy rainfall is effectively absorbed and that temperatures are tempered on hot days. But it doesn’t stop there; planting brings many more benefits.

The shopping center as a case study

At the end of the last century and the beginning of this one, many shopping centers in the Netherlands were built from brick and concrete. Shopping is often the focus here, and nature is conspicuously absent. Now that climate change is becoming more apparent, the consequences are directly noticeable in such places. On hot summer days, the heat cannot escape, and when it pours, it floods quickly. As a result, shoppers stay away, sales drop, and stores struggle.

Currently, we are providing strategic climate-adaptive planting at Zwolle Zuid shopping center on behalf of Altera Vastgoed. We did the same for IJburg Shopping Center on behalf of Achmea. We know from research that high-quality planting increases the (climate adaptive value) of real estate. The result is: The appraised value will rise, shops will generate more turnover and vacancy will disappear. See more below the photo.

Entrree winkelcentrum met beplanting

In his presentation, Erwin demonstrated how quality planting increases the climate-adaptive value of real estate. You prevent future repair costs and ensure insurance costs remain low. The result? Property valuation will rise, stores will generate more revenue, and vacancies will disappear.

Planting reduces energy costs

Greenery has an insulating effect. Climbing plants help reduce the need for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. This helps lower energy costs. Additionally, interior planting can improve the indoor climate.

Less heat stress leads to more shopping visits

Like many shopping centers, Zwolle Zuid shopping center suffers from heat stress on hot days. This makes people less inclined to visit the shopping center, and when they do, they stay shorter and spend less. With the smart use of climbing plants, you can significantly lower the temperature without taking up too much space. The result is that shopping visits will increase in both frequency and duration.

Planting improves the living and working environment

People love nature. Planting positively influences both your physical and mental health. The presence of greenery makes you more positive, productive, and creative. Nature lowers your stress levels and can even make you more mindful of your surroundings.

More biodiversity helps meet ESG goals

Lastly, more nature brings more nature. Especially outdoor planting boosts biodiversity. This is not only nice for bees and birds but also for sustainability managers aiming to achieve their ESG goals.

Interested? We are happy to help

The benefits of planting seem obvious, yet not everyone is naturally convinced. Do you need help with a permit application? A good green design can greatly help persuade various stakeholders. Interested? Quickly contact Olivia, our green developer.