Climate Adaptive Solution against Water Overflow is Greenery

“Rain is increasingly pouring down from the sky in torrents,” wrote Pepijn de Lange in De Volkskrant last week. Records keep breaking. 2023 was the wettest year since the KNMI started measuring in 1906. April was the wettest April ever. And May was even the wettest month ever. June is also expected to end up high in the rankings.

We have a feeling this trend will continue for some time.

The consequences are undeniable: streets are flooded, basements fill up, construction sites get submerged. The water levels in our rivers are almost constantly high. Our Water Boards (Waterschappen) frequently have to pull out all the stops to prevent flooding.

In addition to measures to slow down this trend, the question is also how we can manage water overflow. Especially in our densely built cities, rainwater often has nowhere to go.

Our solution is simple: more greenery.

By literally greening our cities, we can catch the water, so our streets, basements, and construction sites are less likely to flood. Additionally, greenery provides cooling on hot days, enhances biodiversity, fosters social interaction, and ensures healthier air. As a result, property values increase and vacancies are reduced.

In short, greenery has a future. And every construction and real estate party would do well to give greenery a permanent place in their future plans.

Last week, we attended the Real Estate Arena in Hannover. Given all the flooding in Germany, we expected many initiatives in the field of ESG and nature-based solutions to address climate issues.

We were disappointed. A wet, cold disappointment in a stony environment, to be precise: although there was a lot of attention for circular designs and natural building materials, greenery played no significant role.

This week, we are at the Provada 2024. We are fortunately seeing a very different picture here. The awareness that we need more nature to address climate problems is clearly present. The question is which parties will actually take up the challenge and use nature to lead residential areas, shopping centers, and businesses towards a flourishing future. We are ready to make it a reality! Call us at 020-2618171 for immediate, no-obligation advice, or email us to receive an inspiration booklet with examples of (climate-adaptive) outdoor planting.