Company premises and outdoor spaces; Interior planting and landscaping

Fendi (LVMH) rooftop garden and green balcony

ClientFendi (LVMH) rooftop garden and green balcony
SpecialitiesCompany premises and outdoor spaces; Interior planting and landscaping
Realised on2023

About the project

Blooming Buildings creates balcony garden and rooftop garden for Fendi Amsterdam

In early 2024, the Italian fashion house Fendi (part of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) opened a new flagship store on Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat. With three floors and nearly 600 square meters, fashion enthusiasts will find plenty to explore. The French-Mexican architect Gabriela Puig Solleile has given each floor its own unique ambiance and design. Blooming Buildings had the honor of providing interior, roof, and balcony planting. So, even as a connoisseur of superior planting, you'll find much to delight in here.

Balconies with the allure of a city park

No expense was spared to imbue Fendi's flagship with allure. To give Fendi's clients and partners the feeling of sitting in a park, we adorned the balconies with large planters and pots. The rear overlooks a lush inner garden adjacent to the legendary Schapenburgerpad, Amsterdam's last polder path. By seamlessly extending the inner garden's planting onto Fendi's balconies, it becomes part of a larger whole. To enhance this feeling, we employed the principle of borrowed landscape: we provided Fendi's neighbors with plants in the same style. Wherever you sit on Fendi's balconies, you now see paradisiacal greenery around you.

A rooftop garden in full ground

The roof also received a green makeover. Because the roof's load-bearing capacity was extremely limited, it was impossible to use a deep soil layer; we could only apply a few centimeters. To still reach for height, we used plants that root primarily in width rather than depth. This allowed us to create a highly varied rooftop garden where something surprising happens every day of the year. And where biodiversity flourishes like never before. A rooftop garden with plants rooted in full soil has several advantages. During heavy rainstorms, it can absorb large amounts of water, preventing potential water damage. Additionally, it has significant insulating properties that provide cooling on hot days and warmth on cold days. Thus, Fendi saves a energy thanks to this rooftop garden. Energy they can invest, for example, in the development of their new collections.

We'd love to tell you more

If you're interested, we can tell you much more about Fendi's balcony and rooftop garden. Especially, we can tell you more about what Blooming Buildings can do for you and how greening creates (financial) value. Every project is different, yet in that sense, every project is the same. So feel free to visit our office on Bloemgracht.