Office Jungle impacts employee health, well-being and satisfaction

Jungle kantoor Lab Digital

Welcome to a jungle reception! As our name suggests, we specialize in good greenery, indoors and outdoors, for offices, hotels, hospitals, and buildings. One of our specialties – Green Welcoming Entrances.

In this jungle office of Lab Digital in Utrecht – the home of software developers – Blooming Buildings created a complete custom-made green experience. The jungle consists of a diverse assortment of plants, unique palms, bloomers, climbers, and ferns. The round seating area allows the visitor to sit amidst the greenery, embracing them.

Being surrounded by plants is widely known for its positive effects. Plants increase productivity and cognitive function for employees, raise humidity, thereby reducing headaches. Looking at plants lowers and even restores stress symptoms.

A green welcoming entrance sets the tone for the entire office and provides a distinctive proposition. A diverse, lush green entrance rewards with a calming and productive environment – an impression that lingers with every visitor.

Are you curious about how we can make your entrance green and welcoming? Contact us to learn more and to receive our inspiration booklet for interior plantscaping!

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